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Fourth W3C Web & TV Workshop: Web and TV Convergence

Veröffentlicht am 20 Dezember 2013

Take the opportunity to influence and shape the next generation of TV and broadcasting content: The Fourth W3C Web and TV Workshop, taking place in Munich, 12-13 March 2014, invites key players from the TV and Web industry to discuss the important questions of Web and TV convergence, and how standardization can help across the globe. Submit your statement of interest by February 2014! W3C membership is not required. Register now!

Meet W3C at CeBIT 2014

Veröffentlicht am 19 Dezember 2013

W3C staff will be present at the DFKI booth at CeBIT 2014 on 11 March, 2014. Use the chance to meet Alan Bird, Global Business Development Leader, Phil Archer, Data Activity Lead W3C, Bernard Gidon, W3C Business Development Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA), Dave Raggett, team contact in various Ubiquitous Web Working Groups and chair of the Web of Things Community Group, and Georg Rehm, W3C German-Austrian Office Manager.

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LIDER Connects Language and Multimedia Resources

Veröffentlicht am 12 Dezember 2013

The joint European LIDER project will build a pathway for the establishment of a new Linked Open Data-based ecosystem of free, interlinked, and semantically interoperable resources. These resources come from the realm of both language and media, providing a Linguistic Linked Data cloud that can support content analytics tasks of unstructured multilingual cross-media content. By achieving this goal, LIDER will have an impact on the ease and efficiency with which Linguistic Linked Data will be exploited in content analytics processes.


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