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Table of contents

Folie 1

Task forces

This talk

RDF-in-HTML Task Force

Example: embedded IP rights

RDF/XML in comment

RDF-in-HTML solutions under development

Semantic Web assumptions

RDF is the foundation

OWL – powerful ontology engineering

SKOS Core – “Semantic Web Lite”

SKOS Origins and Maintenance

Example: Entries in a Glossary - 1

Example: Entries in a Glossary - 2

Example: Entries in a Glossary - 3

Example: Taxonomies - 1

Example: Taxonomies - 2

Example: Taxonomies - 3

Example: Thesaurus - 1

Example: Thesaurus - 2

SKOS Core Overview

Complementarity of OWL and SKOS

SKOS World View

Extensibility of SKOS

Combining SKOS with other vocabularies

Core and extension vocabularies

Vocabulary Management Task Force

Folie 29

Author: Thomas Baker