Grand Opening of the W3C German-Austrian Office at DFKI

10 February 2011, Berlin, Germany

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Hosted by THESEUS Innovation Center, Berlin, Germany

European research and industry are shaping the future of the Web

The launch event of the W3C German-Austrian office at its new location DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) will be an excellent opportunity to show how European research and various industries can contribute and benefit from the emerging standard computing platform that will make Web apps even more powerful than they are now. W3C's Open Web Platform is the set of standards composed of HTML5, CSS3, SVG, etc. that are becoming available everywhere: on every device (desktop, mobile, TV, etc.), in many environments (home, car, etc.) and for every user in every culture.


Hashtag: #w3cdfki

The event features speakers from DFKI, German ministries and industries and W3C, and demonstrates how business and research opportunities and also everyday life are brought to a new level by W3C's standards within its "Open Web Platform".

Because open standards drive innovation, W3C invites German and Austrian industrials and academics to be more involved in building W3C's open Web. The Web is not done. There are many more innovations to think of and to create, for the end benefit of all users the world over.

Quoting from Tim Berners-Lee, W3C director and inventor of the Web, in the Nov 2010 Scientific American article: "Now is an exciting time. Web developers, companies, governments and citizens should work together openly and cooperatively, as we have done thus far, to preserve the Web’s fundamental principles, as well as those of the Internet, ensuring that the technological protocols and social conventions we set up respect basic human values. The goal of the Web is to serve humanity. We build it now so that those who come to it later will be able to create things that we cannot ourselves imagine."


Who should participate

Decision makers from government, research and industry who want to shape the future of the Web, and the W3C community in Germany and Austria at large.

How to participate

Participation is free, but you need to register. The registration has closed! If you still want to participate, please contact Felix Sasaki.


The event will take place in the Theseus Innovation Center: Salzufer 6, 10587 Berlin (map). From the "Zoologischer Garten" station, take the Bus 245 (direction of "S-Bf. Nordbahnhof") and get of at "Marchbrücke". The building of the Theseus Innovation Center is about 100 m from the bus stop. Alternatively, from "Zoologischer Garten" you can take the Bus X9 and get of at "Ernst-Reuter-Platz" and walk Marchstraße until Salzufer (about 5 min.).

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For further information please contact Felix Sasaki (DFKI), Language Technology department, Alt Moabit 91c, D-10559 Berlin. Tel. (DFKI): ++49 30/3949-1807. E-mail: felix.sasaki@dfki.de